Current version: (AGNO-JavaScript API)


This feature can used as follow:

// required parameters:
brand: "agnoplay",
videoId: "Mbdskc9KsAii",
url: window.location.href,
// add the following:
// all fields are required
video_metadata: {
  duration: "116",
  title: "AgnoPlay Video",
  description: "Description of the video",
  date_created: "2019-08-01 18:14:01",
  upload_date: "2019-08-01 18:14:01", // required for videoobject feature
  format: "News Program",
  tags: "news,sport,politics", // comma separated
  category: "", // also pass field, when you do not have a value
  publisher: "De Telegraaf"


This is an example of how to pass video metadata to the configuration, so that it can be used for analytics purposes. Passing the video metadata to the player configuration overwrites the existing default configuration.